How to Install

  • When you are ready to put up your first UL expression you may be feeling nervous.  At least I know I was.  I was so excited to get it on the wall.  Then I looked at the instruction pamphlet and I panicked.  So, now I’m here to tell you, DON’T PANIC!  It is not as difficult as it sounds.

    Remember, this little booklet is listing all of the possible ways to install different types of expressions so it has a lot of information in it.  The instructions in the pamphlet are awesome and I highly recommend following them.  If you have a smaller, one part expression, I suggest starting with that one to get the hang of the application process.

    Once you are comfortable with how it works, then you can try a larger, two-part expression.  I was sweating bullets when I put up my first one.



    It was a large two-part expression and the one I wanted the most so I wanted it to be perfect.  I got it up and it looks great but I wish I had tried a smaller one first.  I might not have been such a mess if I had a little practice first.

    I can’t explain the installation process better than the wonderful people at home office have done in our pamphlet and on our official UL website so I will just give a few tips.
    1. Read all of the instructions first.
    2. Make sure your surface is clean and dry (smooth surfaces work the best but there are tips for textured surfaces which I will address in another post)
    3. Look at the back of your expression.  If it is a two-parter, it will tell you which one to put up first since many of our designs are meant to overlap.
    4. If it is a large expression you might find it easier to work with if you trim some of the extra paper around the outside of your expression.
    5. Use a level and a pencil and follow the directions for lining up your expression.
    6. Painter’s tape is your friend!  I saw it mentioned in the pamphlet but I was so excited to put my first one up that I didn’t want to go get some. 
    There probably would have been less panic involved if I had made that quick trip to Wal Mart to grab some painter’s tape.  Just sayin’!
    7. Rub, rub, rub and then rub some more.  Especially little edges and dots on i’s.  When you peel the backing paper away do it slowly.  If you see that any of the vinyl isn’t sticking, lay the backing paper back down and rub some more.  If that doesn’t work, see my post called, Tricky, tricky, it won’t sticky!  (Cheesey, I know!)
    8. Now, this last one I thought was a no-brainer but I have had several customers miss this step.  In a one part expression, the triangles are only there to help you center and level your expression.  Similarly, the diamonds on a two part design are just there to line up the second part to the first.  They are not part of the design.  Peel these off your wall after your expression is up.