• One of the most exciting things that Uppercase Living offers is a custom design tool called MyDesign Suite.  It allows you to combine our UL expressions with your won text, add embellishments, or start from scratch and make your own design.  Start by heading to my website

    Then you MUST create an account if you want to be able to save your creations or even add them to your cart.  You don’t want to spend an hour or more creating the perfect expression only to lose it because you didn’t make an account first.  So, first CREATE AND ACCOUNT or login to the account you already have with me. Next, click on Launch MyDesign Suite.  Once in the MDS you can check out the tutorials which can be very helpful or you can just jump right in and start designing.  Click on Start under Text and Graphic Expressions.  To help see what your expression will look like you should set your surface size.  You can also change the background color so you can see how it will look on your wall or car or flowerpot or whatever you had in mind.  There is also a drop-down menu that allows you to chose a number of our accessories such as the punched metal tile so that you can plan your expression to fit on it.  Now you can either add custom text or get a UL expression.  For text, type your text and click add.  After that, you can change the size, font and color.  If you are using a lot of text, it is best to add it in pieces so it will fit on your surface and you can move chunks of text around until it looks the way you want it to on the surface.  There are options for arches and waves but they are too complex to explain in a blog post.  You can play around with it on your own or contact me for help.  I won’t quit till I know you are satisfied with your expression!  If you want to add something with your text, just click on Add UL Expression.  You can now browse for anything in our catalog or any of our embellishments.  It will ask you for size and color choices as you add them but you can change them later if you don’t like the way they fit.  As you work on your custom design, the size and price will adjust at the top of the box so you know what you are working with.  My best advice for MyDesign Suite is to just start playing around with it and then call or message me if you need some help.  The sky is the limit on what you can create!